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Dr Anthony Laverty

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Non-Clinical SPHR Lecturer



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Anthony Laverty is a Lecturer in the Public Health Policy Evaluation Unit in the Department of Primary Care & Public Health. He joined Imperial in 2009 as a research assistant and completed his PhD here in 2014.

HIs post is funded by the NIHR School of Public Health Research, a collaboration of eight leading academic centres in England with a focus on the generation of useful evidence for local decision makers. His research has a strong focus on the transport systems and health. He leads an assessment of the potential transport, health and inequality impacts of the introduction of road user charging in England. He is also active in evaluations of the impacts of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on population health in the UK, including assesment of impacts on road traffic injuries, crime and emergency service response times. Previous work on transport and health involved an examination of the health benefits of the free bus pass for older people in England (together with Christopher Millett), an Understanding Society Biomarker Data Project Fellowship, and assessment of the health impacts of public transport (with Richard Patterson).

He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and leads the Public Health Improvement module on the Masters in Public Health as well as the fully-online Global Masters of Public Health here at Imperial. With Christopher Millett I made a free online short course which you can enrol on here Tobacco Control: Agile Policy, Research and Practice

Other research interests include the potential impacts of Brexit on nutrition and health in England (with Evi Seferidi), optimal policies to reduce salt intakes, and evaluations of the impacts of tobacco control interventions on exposure to second hand smoke and child health.




Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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