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Prof Andrew G. Livingston

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Visiting Professor



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I am interested in research into and development of novel technologies for manufacturing chemicals / (bio)pharmaceuticals.

Many of the concepts we work with are based on membrane separations, which is our core expertise.

Often it is the intersection between the way chemists or biologists currently do something, with our own innovations in membrane technology, that leads to the most interesting ideas and projects.

We work on the discovery and fabrication of new membrane materials and designs, and I really enjoy working with my team to apply these new membranes in fresh areas where major separations challenges call. That often means my Post-Docs and PhD students have to learn completely new techniques!

We work on formation of polymeric and ceramic membranes, design, fabrication and testing of membrane elements, and modelling and understanding membrane transport and membrane processes. We carry out chemical reactions when we are studying synthesis, and in our work on making ever more precise polymers.

All research projects involve a combination of experimental and theoretical analysis, working with fundamental phenomena and their implications for specific systems.

Recently we have been working extensively on the use of membrane separations in solvent systems, where they are able to provide new routes to catalyst recycle, product separation, polymer synthesis, and solvent operations.

We are working on membrane formation, fundamentals of membrane transport and solvent/membrane/solute interactions, applications to specific organic transformations, right through to the performance of scaled-up module designs and performance prediction for process plants.

Selected Research Projects

   Ongoing Research Projects 2009


Dr A Mostofi of Materials and Physics, Dr J Spencer of Materials and Physics, Professor A Livingston of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, Supervision of TSM-CDT PhD project on modelling os polymer membranes for nanofiltration, for which the student is Richard Boradbent., 2010