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Professor A. Manikas 

Professor A. Manikas is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and holds the Chair of Communications & Array Processing in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London. 

He was the Deputy Head of Communications and Signal Processing from 1998 until 2008 and the Technical Chair/Lead of the MoD University Defence Research Centre in Signal Processing (DSTL/EPSRC) from 2008 until 2013. He is currently the Chair of the IEEE Communications Technical Committee on Transmission, Access and Optical Systems (TAOS).

He has published an extensive set of journal and conference papers in the area of digital communications and array signal processing and is the Author of a book (monograph) entitled "Differential Geometry in Array Processing".

He is on the Editorial Board of the IET Signal Processing, the Scientific World Journal (Communications), the Journal on Telecom and Digital Media of the Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF) and the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks. He is also the Editor of the ICPress research book-series on Communications and Signal Processing.

He has held a number of research consultancies for the EU, industry and government organisations. He has had various technical chairs at international conferences, including the TPC Chair of the IEEE International Conference on Communications in 2015 (IEEE ICC 2015 London). Furthermore, he has served as an Expert Witness in the High Court of Justice (UK) and was a member of the Royal Society's International Fellowship Committee (2008-2011). 

Professor Manikas is leading a strong group of researchers at Imperial College and has supervised successfully more than 45 PhDs and more than 150 Masters project-students.

He is currently External Examiner (Master of Science courses) of the University of Manchester and Southampton University.

Professor Manikas is a member of New York Academy of Science, a Senior Member of IEEE and a Chartered Engineer.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ren H, Manikas A, 2020, MIMO radar with array manifold extenders, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol:56, ISSN:0018-9251, Pages:1942-1954

Luo K, Manikas A, 2017, Joint Transmitter–Receiver Optimization in Multitarget MIMO Radar, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol:65, ISSN:1053-587X, Pages:6292-6302

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Kamil Y, Manikas A, 2017, Multi-source spatiotemporal tracking using sparse large aperture arrays, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol:53, ISSN:0018-9251, Pages:837-853

Sridhar V, Gabillard T, Manikas A, 2016, Spatiotemporal-MIMO Channel Estimator and Beamformer for 5G, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol:15, ISSN:1536-1276, Pages:8025-8038

Mak K, Manikas A, 2015, A Superresolution Wide Null Beamformer forUndersampled Signal Reconstruction in SIMO SAR, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Vol:9, ISSN:1932-4553

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Efstathopoulos G, Manikas A, 2011, Extended Array Manifolds: Functions of Array Manifolds, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol:57, ISSN:1053-587X, Pages:3272-3287

More Publications