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My research (and the research of my PhD students) is concerned with investigations of the fundamental problems in array processing and with the development of theoretical tools which are laying new foundations relating to both the analysis and synthesis of array techniques, algorithms and sensor-array system architectures. The applications are enormous. However, early in my career I realised that "array processing" has a major role to play in the development of future communication systems and thus I established the new group the "Array Communications" taking its theoretical foundation from Communication Theory and Information Theory blended with the experience and expertise in "Array Processing". Some of the specific topics being investigated by the Array Comms and Array Processing groups are as follows:


Array Communications

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Arrayed Multicarrier MIMO Systems for 4G/5G Wireless Comms

Arrayed Wireless Sesnors Networks (A-WSNs)

Spatiotemporal Communications for 3G/4G/5G Wireless Comms

Array Processing Techniques for Mobile Positioning Problem

Inetgrated Vector-Channel Estimation and Multi-user Antenna Array Reception

Distortion Criteria and Performance Analysis of Antenna Array Comm Systems 

Array Signal Processing

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Array Manifold Investigation using Differential Geometry

Spatiotemporal Array (STAR) Manifolds

Array Calibration and Uncertainties

Superresolution Beamforming

Large Apertrure Array Systems

Near and Far Field Array Processing

Higher-order Signal Subspace Techniques

H-inf Robust Array Processing

Array Signal Abnormalities and Quality Factor

Array Design

Array Uncertainties and Array Calibration



Professor Ian Robertson and Professor Jaafar Elmirghani, Leeds University, Networked Performers, 2012 - 2013

Professor J. Wang, University of Kent, MIMO-Assisted Passive Indoor Tracking (MAP), 2012

Professor A Spanias and Professor Travor Thorton, Arizona State University (USA), Wireless Sensor Networks, 2011 - 2013

Professor Timothy Coulson, Oxford University (Department of Zoology), Mice Localisation and Tracking, 2009

Guest Lectures

Keynote Lecture: When Spatiotemporal Manifolds met Multi-Antenna Wireless Systems, The 2016 IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband, Nanjing, China, 2016

Keynote: "Array signal processing and wireless communications: locked horns or hand-in-hand?", International Workshop on Communications and Signal Processing (SAM-IWCSP 2016), PUC, Rio De Janerio, Brazil, 2016

Research Student Supervision

Akindoyin,A, Software Radio Based Array Signal Processing

Dr Chen,Z, Cooperative Transmitter-Receiver Arrayed Communications, PhD, 2011

Dr Commin,H, Arrayed MIMO Radar, PhD, 2013

Dr Efstathopoulos,G, Extended Array Manifolds, PhD, 2008

Dr Elissaios,G, Array Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD, 2008

Dr Kamil,YI, Localisation and Tracking in Arrayed Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD, 2011

Dr Li,W, Cooperative Arrayed Wireless Sensor Networks, PhD, 2011

Dr Luo,K, MIMO Radar: Target Localisation, PhD, 2013

Dr Mengot,A, Antenna Array Calibration in Wireless Communications, PhD, 2009

Dr Peh,HH, Cyclic Prefix-Free MC-CDMA Arrayed MIMO Communication Systems, PhD, 2009

Dr Rashid,F, Arrayed Multicarrier Systems: Diffuse Channel Estimation and Reception, PhD, 2008

Dr Supakwong,S, Diversely Polarized Antenna Array Systems, PhD, 2009

Dr Wang,X-L, Signal Processing in Arrayed MIMO Systems, PhD, 2008

Dr Willerton,M, Array Auto-Calibration, PhD, 2013

Dr Zhang,T, Transceiver Design Over Space-Time Fading Channels, PhD, 2008

Dr Zhuang,J, Array Signal Processing Robust to Pointing Errors, PhD, 2011

Fang,Z, Quantum Array Processing

Gabillard,T, Spatiotemporal Antenna Array Communications

Liu,Q, Multi-user MIMO Communication Systems

Mak,K, Arrayed SAR Radar

Ren,H, Virtual Arrays in MIMO Radar

Sridhar,V, Flexible Array Processing

Venieris,E, Interference Cancellation using Large Aperture Antenna Arrays

Zhang,H, Detection of Extremely Weak Signals Using an Array of Sensors