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Professor David HukinsDr Neil Gittoes, Birmingham University, 2004

Professor Gordon Waddell, Cardiff University, 2004

Mr Phil Sell, Leicester University Hospital, 2004

Professor Finbarr O'Sullivan, University of Cork, 2001

Professor Kim Burton, Spinal Research Unit, 2000

Professor Konrad Jamrozik, Queensland University, 2000

Professor Anthony Bull (Bioengineering), Professor Robert Schroter (Bioengineering), Dr Paul Strutton (Surgery and Cancer), Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan (Mechanical Engineering), Imperial College London

Mr Christian Ulbricht (Spinal Surgeon), Imperial NHS Trust

GB Rowing Team

Dr Donal McNally (Faculty of Engineering), Nottingham University

Dr Fiona Wilson, Discipline of Physiotherapy (School of Medicine), Trinity College Dublin

Professor Steve Morris (Department of Epidemiology and Public Health), Professor Tamar Pincus (Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway), University of London

Guest Lectures

FASTER Study: Optimising the post-operative management of spinal surgery, Britspine, Combined British Spinal Societies Conference, 2012

Performance and injury management in elite rowers, British Orthopaedic Research Society, Annual Conference, 2012

Optimising the postoperative management of spinal surgery patients, British School of Osteopathy, Annual Meeting, 2011

“FASTER: Function after spinal treatment, exercise and rehabilitation”, DISCS Annual Harry Crock Lecture, London, 2010

Sports rehabilitation and injury in rowers, French Society of Biomechanics Symposium “The Human Body through Sports Performance”, France, 2009

Preventing low back pain in rowers. Ist Injury Prevention Congress, Oslo, 2005

Symposium speaker at World Congress of Biomechanics 2002, 2002

Stanmore June 2001 on IMR and the Spine, 2001

Society for Orthopaedic Medicine

FISA Worl Forum on Rowing 2002

ARA National Coaching Conference

1st Annual conference on movement dysfunction