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  • TOTAL Professor in Reservoir Physics and EOR, Imperial College, 2011-
  • Reader in Reservoir Physics, Imperial College, 2010-2001
  • Senior Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College  2002-2010
  • Governors' Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College  1995-2002
  • Software Consultant, SSI(UK) Ltd.  1991-1995
  • Research Reservoir Engineer, BP Research Centre, Sunbury  1986-1991
  • D.Phil., Atmospheric Physics, Oxford  1983-1986
  • B.Sc. (Hons), Physics, Imperial College  1980-1983

Recent Measures of Esteem

Other Significant Activities

Imperial College Faculty of Engineering Ambassador for Women

Departmental Athena SWAN coordinator.

Reviewer for Transport in Porous Media, SPEJ, Experiments in Fluids,

Expert reviewer for Norwegian Research Council and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

External examiner for MSc Oil and Gas, University of Aberdeen


Improving oil recovery in oil and gas reservoirs through the development of better recovery processes, better understanding of the impact of geological heterogeneity and uncertainty and better numerical modelling of those processes.  My research uses a combination of experimental, mathematical and numerical approaches.



Lei Q, Jackson MD, Muggeridge AH, et al., 2020, Modelling the reservoir-to-tubing pressure drop imposed by multiple autonomous inflow control devices installed in a single completion joint in a horizontal well, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol:189, ISSN:0920-4105, Pages:1-16

Kampitsis AE, Adam A, Salinas P, et al., 2020, Dynamic adaptive mesh optimisation for immiscible viscous fingering, Computational Geosciences, ISSN:1420-0597

Hamid SAA, Muggeridge AH, 2020, Fingering regimes in unstable miscible displacements, Physics of Fluids, Vol:32, ISSN:1070-6631

Zhou Y, Muggeridge AH, Berg CF, et al., 2019, Effect of Layering on Incremental Oil Recovery From Tertiary Polymer Flooding, Spe Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, Vol:22, ISSN:1094-6470, Pages:941-951

Hiller T, Ardevol-Murison J, Muggeridge AH, et al., The impact of wetting heterogeneity distribution on capillary pressure and macroscopic measures of wettability, Spe Journal, ISSN:1930-0220

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