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Research Interests

  • Influence of heterogeneities on flow in porous media
  • Diffusion and dispersion in porous media
  • Experimental studies of physics of flow in porous media and comparison with analytic/numerical models
  • Upscaling single, miscible and multiphase flow
  • Movement of fluids on geological time-scales in the sub-surface
  • Improved oil recovery (miscible gas injection, thermally assisted gas-oil gravity drainage (TA-GOGD), VAPEX, WAG, wettability alteration during waterflooding)


"Characterization and quantification of remaining oil on the sub-grid block scale after waterflooding". 3 year project funded by Statoil. 2014-2017

"Lean Asset Modelling for Better System Informed Decisions". 2 year project funded by BP. 2014-2016

"Evaluation of connectivity for fields in the Rankin Platform, North West Shelf, Australia". 1 year project funded by Woodside. 2013-2014.

a??Numerical Simulation of Thermal and Reactive Flow in Porous Media - Application to In-Situ Upgrading". 3 year project funded by Total. 2012-2015.

a??A Global Framework for Quantifying the Ecosystem Service Impacts of Oil and Biofuel Productiona?? 2 year project lead by Southampton University and funded by UKERC. 2012-2014

Current PhD Students

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Munira Al-Hadhrami. Experimental and numerical investigations into heavy oil recovery by VAPour EXtraction (VAPEX).

Ahmed Attar. Impact of geological heterogeneity on oil recovery by low salinity waterflooding

Hussam Busfar. Seismic monitoring of heavy oil recovery by steam injection

Putri Buang. Experimental and numerical investigation of the time and length scales of mixing.

Annabel Dale. A combined Sr and clumped isotope approach to investigate the lateral continuity of cemented carbonate horizons in reservoir sandstones. 

Julien Maes. Numerical modelling of in-situ upgrading of heavy oil.

Obidi Onochie. Timescales for the development of thermodynamic equilibrium in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Research Staff

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Dr. Gareth Brown

Dr. Jason Go

Dr. Yingfang Zhou

Dr. Haibao Wen