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PhD, Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London. PhD thesis "Perspectives on the role of bioenergy for distributed heat and power generation"

Electric engineering degree (5 years course) Politecnico of Bari, Italy. Thesis “Energy crops: techno-economic feasibility in Alta Murgia, Puglia Region, Italy"


Since February 2020: associate professor, Department of agro-environmental sciences, University of Bari (Italy); teaching subjects 'Sustainable energy systems in agriculture'; 'Applied thermodynamics'

Since May 2006: assistant professor, Department of agro-environmental sciences, University of Bari (Italy); lecturer on “Energy demand and supply in agricultural and food sector”; “Renewable energy in agriculture”

Since September 2017: research fellow, Clean Energy Processes Laboratory and Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Since May 2014: part time research associate, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT), and Centre for process Systems Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering;

February 2007 to April 2014: visiting academic, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT), Bioenergy Group, Centre for Environmental Policy;

Member of the scientific committee of the Italian Biofuel Platform; qualified engineer for verification of CHP project, Italian Authority of Energy and Water; member of technical committee on alternative fuels, ASME; qualified as energy management expert (esperto EGE-industrial sector); qualified as full professor in Applied thermodynamics and Biosystems Engineering

2017-19: Delegate of the Rector for energy policy, University of Bari

Since 2017: delegate of University of Bari in the Italian Sustainable Universities Network (RUS)- working group energy

2016-17: seconded scientific expert at Italian Ministry of Research, Rome, to provide scientific advisory on National Research Plan, sectors energy and bioeconomy

March 2011 and February 2013: visiting researcher at COPPE-UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Bra)

June 2001-June 2006: research associate under term contract, University of Bari. 

June 2000: chartered engineer at Province of Bari

Member IET, IEEE (Power Electicity Society member), ISES Italy, ATI (Italian Thermo-technical Association) FIRE (Italian federation on energy management), AEIT (Italian association electric engineering), AIIA (Italian association agricultural engineering). 

Research topics

Clean Energy Processes Laboratory: sizing and thermo-economic optimization of hybrid flexible dispatchable renewable generation systems (solar, PV-T, biomass, gas); optimal system components sizing and operation for heat pumps, thermal storage and waste heat recovery technologies in combination to demand response strategies; integrated sustainable energy technologies for heating, cooling and electricity in food processing;

Centre for Process Systems Engineering: spatially and temporally high resolution models and optimization tools for energy systems integration and cross-sectorial energy technologies assessment; strategic and operational optimization of district heating, hydrogen, electricity and natural gas networks;

Centre for Energy Policy and Technology: policy measures to support on-site and renewable energy generation in the UK and Italy, biomass supply and energy demand dynamics modelling; bioenergy technologies modelling in Markal-Times; sustainability criteria and life cycle analyses for biomass to CHP routes;

University of Bari

Thermo-economic assessment and financial appraisals of biomass, biogas, biofuels and bio-based materials conversion processes; ESCO business models and investment strategies for biomass cogeneration; LCA, energy-environmental balances and energy potentials assessment of biomass resources; optimal sizing and location of biomass and biogas plants and logistics of supply;

Research projects

“The future role of bioenergy in urban areas”, funded by British Council and CRUI (Italian coordinator A. Pantaleo, UK coordinator A. Bauen, ICEPT, Imperial College, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology, (jan 2006-mar 2007); topic: define best strategies and guidelines for optimal integration of biomass energy in urban areas for stationary applications (CCHP)

WP leader of BIOSOLESCO: “Non technical barriers for ESCOs providing heating/cooling from biomass and solar thermal energy in tertiary sector”, coordinator NTUA, Finland, Italian coordinator A. Pantaleo, funded by EIE, 18 partners of 8 MC; (july 2008-july 2011); objective: assess business models for ESCO operaions and non technical barriers to provide heating and cooling from biomass and solar thermal sources to tertiary and residential end users

Leader of research unit in the project “Networks of laboratories – integrated energy production from renewable sources in the regional agro-industrial system” funded by Puglia region, aiming at the establishment of a network of laboratories in the field of biomass energy, 2011-14; 300 kEur – scientific coordinator of Laboratory of solid biomass of DISAAT Department, with instruments to carry out tests on biomass and biofuels quality Coordinated under University of Bari

Co-Principal investigator of the project High performance heat-power-cooling iHPC (2.5 m£, EPSRC) aimed at minimizing primary energy use in UK industry, by proposing next generation technological solutions, identifying techno-economic bottlenecks, and assessing opportunities and benefits of these technologies via case studies with different stakeholders, coordinated under Imperial College

Co-Principal investigator of the IDLES project, 5 M£, funded by EPSRC to Imperial College (2019-24) an aimed at integration of energy systems (electric network, gas network, district heating, water, waste) with an holistic and multi-disciplinary approach and focused on robust spatially and temporally explicit energy systems modelling for strategic planning of energy investment and operational optimization, assessment of disruptive and flexible technologies for energy generation (heat, power, transport), storage (thermal, electric), distribution/transport

Co-Principal Investigator of a project on flexible hybrid renewable energy technologies integration (biomass, wind, solar)in Egypt funded via Newton project by British Council (200 k£) to Imperial College London in collaboration with Fayoum University Egypt

Collaboration to other research projects

Thermos Horizon 2020 project on district heating strategic planning optimization and development of support decision tools for Municipalities and public stakeholders, Imperial College (2016-20)

EDF Sparkfund project funded by EDF UK on optimal integration of centralized heat pumps and district heating systems, with a case study in isle of Dogs, London (2016-18)

Project funded by Royal Society with University of Mauritius, University of Pretoria, University of Lagos, on optimal integration of concentrating solar technologies and biomass to energy conversion systems in rural areas in Africa (2017-19)

Project S2Biom, “Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a resource-efficient bioeconomy in Europe”, leaded by CEP, Imperial College London, 2013-16 (7th FP) specific analysis of lignocellulosic biomass supply and logistics (in cooperarion with Wageningen University), classification, market analyses and techno-economic perspectives by 2020 and 2050 of bio-based products as alternative to lignocellulosic biomass to energy chains (in cooperarion with ECN), assessment of energy policy measures for bioenergy in the EU

Project BASIS Bioenergy, “A platform to assess your risk fro a sustainable wood chip supply”, coordinated by AEBIOM (2004-16) funded by IEE, assessment of state of the art and market opportunities for heat and electricity generation from wood chips in the UK by means of medium-large scale boilers

Energy in urban areas” funded by BP, leaded by Imperial College London, CPSE, (2009-2014), assessment of potential for integration of bioenergy in urban areas, by means of MILP based modelling and optimization tools, coordinator Prof Nilay Shah

Decarbonizing Sainsbury’s energy consumption”, funded by Sainsbury’s and coordinated by Imperial College London: specific assessment of potentials for refurbishment ot Sainsbury’s thermal plants to pellet fuel and related logistic, technical, economic, organizational and environmental implications; assessment of sustainable energy management models for Sansbury’s, coordinator Prof Nilay Shah

Project Celsius-Smart Grids “Combined Efficient Large Scale Integrated Urban Systems”, (2013-16) leaded by Goteborg City Council, participant Imperial College London, specific work on integration of biomass and natural gas district heating and cooling in urban areas

 “A whole system approach to analysing the bioenergy demand and supply: mobilising the long term potential of bioenergy” - TSEC-BIOSYS -, project coordinator A. Bauen, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology – ICEPT, November 2005 – June 2009 (UKERC), assessment of  UK bioenergy demand and supply dynamics, and quantification of potential uptake of biomass for heat and power in the UK by 2020-30 through markets segmentaton, qualitative-quantitative approaches and markal-Times modelling tools

 “Assessment of biomass chains in Italy” – specifc assessment of olive sector in Puglia Region (Project PRIN funded by MIUR, coordinator Prof. Riva, 2004-06;

Techno-economic potentials and feasibility of biomass to energy chains in Puglia region” (Studio per la valorizzazione energetica di biomasse agro-forestali nella regione Puglia” (2005-07);

Techno-economic assessment of decarbonization strategies in the heating sector for Nestlè (work for E4tech  2020)

Analysis of potentials of bioliquids for heating in the UK energy market (work for E4tech, 2018)

Technologies for outdoor air quality monitoring in urban areas (for Engie, 2019, 10 kEur)

Bioremediation processes and energy conversion of short rotation forestry biomass for biochar and energy via gasification processes, project funded by Puglia Region (2018-20, 1 MEur)

Brunel University: assessment of energy consumption in food processing (2016-17)

Tecnofrutta Srl: energy savings measures in food drying (2016)

Intermittent waste heat recovery in coffee torrefaction for Saicaf (2015-16)

Energy saving in food processing, interactions between energy consumption and quality of products with applications to coffee torrefaction, pasta drying, (Siemens, 2014-15)

Scientific consultancy for ITEA Spa (Ansaldo group), related to regulations, logistics, technical issues for biomass to energy conversion in small scale plants through thermo-chemical processes, 2012

Techno-economic feasibility assessment of a biomass power plant feed by olive pruning and olive oil cake, 10 MWe, for Consorzio Oliveti d’Italia, funded by MIPAF, 2008-10;

Techono-economic feasibility assessment, energy potential sassessment and size optimization of medium-small scale biogas plants feed by energy crops and manure in the area of Barsento Local Action Group (Puglia region), 2008

Business plan for the delopment of small scale lignocellulosic biomass CHP plants based on gasification technologies for Municipalities in the area of Terre di Arneo Local Action Group, Puglia region, 2012

Advisory for submission of industrial research and innovation project in response to national and European calls related to smart use of energy (among the others, for the following customers in Italy: Adriatica legnami, Forme industriali, Sedit, Socoges Daneco renewables, Frezza legnami, De Carlo Infissi, Meridionale Servizi, CPL Concordia) 2006-15



Pantaleo AM, Matteucci F, Cabeza LF, 2024, Research funded by EU in thermal energy storage: Outcomes from the Eurotherm Seminar #116 and role of the European Innovation Council, Journal of Energy Storage, Vol:81

Aunedi M, Olympios AV, Pantaleo AM, et al., 2023, System-driven design and integration of low-carbon domestic heating technologies, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol:187, ISSN:1364-0321

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Tafuni A, Giannotta A, Mersch M, et al., 2023, Thermo-economic analysis of a low-cost greenhouse thermal solar plant with seasonal energy storage, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol:288, ISSN:0196-8904, Pages:1-11


Arcasi A, Mastrullo R, Mauro AW, et al., 2023, Assessment of the energy consumption of indoor farming for different climates and lighting system intensity, ISSN:1742-6588

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