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Since May 2020, Toby Prevost has been a Visiting Professor at Imperial, and the Nightingale-Saunders Chair in Complex Clinical Trials and Statistics at King's College London where he is the Director of the Nightingale-Saunders Clinical Trials & Epidemiology Unit @ King's CTU. 

Between January 2016 and May 2020, Toby was Chair in Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials at Imperial. He headed the statistics groups in the Clinical Trials Unit and the Statistical Advisory Service.

Before this he held a Chair in Medical Statistics at King's College London, following posts at the University of Cambridge in a nationwide survey team, a statistical consulting unit, as trial statistician in a primary care research unit, and in a methodology post, researching complex interventions, in the MRC Biostatistics Unit.

Toby currently has roles on the NIHR COVID call committee for Recovery and Learning (since June 2020), and NICE public health advisory committees (since 2008), and as expert advisor to the NICE Centre for Guidelines (since 2017), and previously a Royal Statistical Society Primary Health Care study group committee member (2002-2013), and  NIHR Public Health Research funding committee member (2014-2020).

The following publications and PhD collaborations show his research interests in designing and conducting trials to evaluate primary care interventions (largely lifestyle behaviour intervention aimed at preventing health deteriorating), and clinical treatments (recently, ophthalmology trials of treatments aiming to improve health conditions), and the study of methods to improve this research (focused on trial design research).

Health Research

Tan T, Khoo B, Mills EG, Phylactou M, Patel B, Eng PC, Thurston L, Muzi B, Meeran K, Prevost AT, Comninos AN, Abbara A, Dhillo WS. Higher serum total cortisol levels are associated with increased mortality from Covid-19. Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology 2020;June 18th.

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Jawad S, Modi N, Prevost AT, Gale C. A systematic review identifying common data items in neonatal trials and assessing their completeness in routinely recorded United Kingdom national neonatal data. Trials 2019;20:731

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PhD research collaborations

Julia Kenkre, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (2018-), Who will benefit from bariatric surgery for diabetes? Using genetic markers and measurement of fat distribution to predict remission of diabetes. Lead Supervisor: Tricia Tan 

Sizarum Choudhury, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (2018-), Safety and Efficacy of Prednisolone in Adrenal Insufficiency Disease. Supervisors: Karim Meeran and Tricia Tan

Sena Jawad, PhD in Trial statistics, Exploring the Use of Electronic Patient Record Data for Clinical Trials (E-PReDicT). Lead supervisor: Chris Gale

Joana Vasconcelos, PhD in Medical Statistics (2014-), Handling missing statistics in meta-analyses of trials. External supervisor: Rebecca Turner.

Fowzia Ibrahim, PhD in Medical Statistics (2013-2020), Handling missing data in composite outcomes in Rheumatology Trials. External supervisor: Brian Tom.

David Robertson, PhD in Medical Statistics (2013-2016), Cambridge. Adaptive Design in two-stage studies. Lead supervisor: Jack Bowden.

Helen Booth, PhD in Epidemiology (2011-2014), KCL. An Epidemiological study of obesity using primary care electronic health records. Lead supervisor: Martin Gulliford.

Neil Casey, PhD in Medical Statistics (2008-2011), Cambridge. Causal mediation methods in trials of complex interventions. Supervised with Simon Thompson.


Methodological Research

Santhakumaran S, Gordon A, Prevost AT, O'Kane C, McAuley DF, Shankar-Hari M. Heterogeneity of Treatment Effect by Baseline Risk of Mortality in Critically Ill Patients: Re-analysis of three recent Sepsis and ARDS Randomised Controlled Trials. Critical Care 2019;23(1):156 

Vasconcelos J, Turner R, Prevost AT. A way to assess the impact of an omitted study on the overall meta-analysis estimate. Trials 2017;18(Suppl 1):O60

Ibrahim F, Tom BDM, Scott DL, Prevost AT. A systematic review of randomised controlled trials in rheumatoid arthritis: the reporting and handling of missing data in composite outcomes. Trials 2016 Jun;17(1):272

Robertson D, Prevost AT, Bowden J. Unbiased estimation in seamless phase II/III trials with unequal treatment effect variances and hypothesis driven selection rules. Statistics in Medicine 2016 Sep 30;35(22):3907-22.

Robertson D, Prevost AT, Bowden J. Accounting for selection and correlation in the analysis of two-stage genome-wide association studies. Biostatistics 2016;1-16 

Robertson D, Prevost AT, Bowden J. Correcting for bias in the selection and validation of informative diagnostic tests. Statistics in Medicine 2015;34:1417-37

Prevost AT, Bowden J. Designing a preliminary adaptive study to inform a biomarker trial in Psoriasis. Trials 2011;12(Suppl1),p.A17

Casey N, Thompson S, Prevost AT. Modelling multiple outcomes to improve the detection of causal mediation effects in complex intervention trials. Trials 2011;12(Suppl1):O

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Turner RM, Prevost AT, Thompson SG. Allowing for imprecision of the intracluster correlation coefficient in the design of cluster randomised trials. Statistics in Medicine 2004;23:1195-1214




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More Publications