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My current research covers a range of interests which apply to hormone-dependent and independent cancer. These are summarised below:

  1. Molecular control and regulation of oestrogen synthesis in normal and malignant breast tissues and breast cancer cells
  2. Role of growth factors and cytokines in breast tumour growth
  3. Regulation of oestrogen synthesis in bone, ovarian and prostate cells
  4. Inhibition of oestrogen synthesis in endocrine-dependent tumours
  5. Development of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of hormone independent cancers and tumours resistant to conventional chemotherapy
  6. Development of compounds which interfere with microtubule function and cell cycle
  7. Investigate novel mechanisms of drug delivery

Research in this area has:

  1. Identified growth factors and cytokines which are produced by breast tumours and are able to stimulate oestrogen synthesis
  2. Examined the control of the aromatase, dehydrogenase and sulphatase enzymes
  3. Resulted in the identification of the active pharmacophore required for potent steroid sulphatase inhibition. A non-steroidal oestrone sulphatase inhibitor identified by me has entered a Phase I trial under the auspices of the Cancer Research UK.
  4. Established an international lead in the field of steroid sulphatase inhibitors
  5. Identified novel compounds which inhibit in vitro and in vivo tumour growth and angiogenesis
  6. Led to identification of a drug delivery mechanism dependent on sequestration of drugs in red blood cells



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Stengel C, Newman SP, Day JM, et al., 2014, <i>In vivo</i> and <i>in vitro</i> properties of STX2484: a novel non-steroidal anti-cancer compound active in taxane-resistant breast cancer, British Journal of Cancer, Vol:111, ISSN:0007-0920, Pages:300-308

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