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My research interests primarily relate to evolutionary radiations, both adaptive and non-adaptive, and the foundation of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that elicit or constrain each phenomenon respectively.  I have previously focused on the South American Liolaemidae lizard family to address such questions using phylogenetic analyses along with spatial mapping techniques to investigate distribution responses to climate change.

Recently I have begun to investigate patterns of speciation and morphological diversity/disparity among speciose clades of birds. I have begun work in this area on the tanager family (Thraupidae) and plan to expand it to encompass all perching birds (Passeriformes).

There are a multitude of bird clades that have very differing evolutionary histories and dynamics and occasionally closely related, or even sister, groups have evolved into markedly different clades of taxa. 

My research touches upon the idea of 'evolvability' that is a species or group of species have an inherent ability to evolve producing daughter species at a greater pace than others. This is a relatively new idea in evolution and becomes more apparent when observing examples of adaptive radiations throughout the animal kingdom.