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Professor in Applied Computational Logic



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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Mitchener L, Tuckey D, Crosby M, et al., 2022, Detect, understand, act: a neuro-symbolic hierarchical reinforcement learning framework, Machine Learning, Vol:111, ISSN:0885-6125, Pages:1523-1549

Law M, Russo A, Broda K, 2019, Inductive Learning of Answer Set Programs from Noisy Examples, Advances in Cognitive Systems


Russo A, Dickens L, Stromfelt H, et al., Formalizing Coherence and Consistency Applied to Transfer Learning in Neuro-Symbolic Autoencoders, Thirty-sixth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

Aspis Y, Broda K, Lobo J, et al., 2022, Embed2Sym - scalable neuro-symbolic reasoning via clustered embeddings, The 19th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, K Proceedings, Pages:421-431

Law M, Broda K, Russo A, 2022, Search space expansion for efficient incremental inductive logic programming from streamed data, THE 31ST INTERNATIONAL JOINT CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Pages:2697-2704, ISSN:1045-0823

Tuckey D, Broda K, Russo A, 2022, A semantics for probabilistic answer set programs with incomplete stochastic knowledge, CEUR Workshop, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Pages:1-14, ISSN:1613-0073

Russo A, Law M, Cunnington D, et al., 2022, Logic-Based Machine Learning: Recent Advances and Their Role in Neuro-Symbolic AI, 16th International Conference on Logic Programming and Non-Monotonic Reasoning (LPNMR), SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, Pages:XVIII-XXI, ISSN:0302-9743

Law M, Russo A, Broda K, et al., 2021, Scalable non-observational predicate learning in ASP, IJCAI, IJCAI, Pages:1936-1943, ISSN:1045-0823

Cunnington D, Law M, Russo A, et al., 2021, Towards Neural-Symbolic Learning to support Human-Agent Operations, 24th IEEE International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION), IEEE, Pages:223-230

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