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Miss Alexa Segal (PhD Candidate)

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Alexa is a Public Health Scientist now pursuing a PhD in Health Economics. Before beginning her PhD at Imperial College, Alexa's research was based on paediatric chronic disease epidemiology. Her PhD will focus on fiscal and regulatory policies for governmental childhood obesity strategy and improved food environments. Alexa has a MPhil in Public Health and Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a BSc in Public Health and Global Studies from Temple University (USA).

Alexa is the Teaching Assistant for two Master's courses: 

- Healthcare and Medical Analytics (Masters in Business Analytics course) 

- Health Economics (Masters in International Health Management and Masters in Business Analytics courses)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Chambers T, Segal A, Sassi F, 2021, Interventions using behavioural insights to influence children's diet-related outcomes: a systematic review, Obesity Reviews, Vol:22, ISSN:1467-7881

Gressier M, Swinburn B, Frost G, et al., 2021, What is the impact of food reformulation on individual’s behaviour, nutrient intakes and health status? A systematic review of empirical evidence, Obesity Reviews, Vol:22, ISSN:1467-7881, Pages:1-23

Segal AB, Huerta MC, Aurino E, et al., 2021, The impact of childhood obesity on human capital in high-income countries: A systematic review, Obesity Reviews, Vol:22, ISSN:1467-7881, Pages:1-15


Conway G, Burgman M, Makuch Z, et al., 2021, Beter diets, better health: Costs of Healthy Diets, Better diets, better health: Costs of Healthy Diets, 2

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