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Alex is a Research Associate whose work focuses on the detection of enteroviruses from stool and environmental samples. He works within the Vaccine Epidemiology Research Group (VERG) in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. The primary goal of his work is the detection and typing of poliovirus through next generation sequencing, with the aim of providing rapid and accurate information that could be used by the Global Poliovirus Eradication Initiative in the formation of response strategies. 

His previous work has focused on the  microbiota of infants, studying the correlation between the development of the gut microbiota and cases of necrotising enterocolitis and late-onset sepsis. This work was conducted as part of the Neonatal Microbiota study (NeoM), an ecological study of the microbiota of premature infants, which was supported by the Winnicott Foundation and Meningitis UK.

Alex completed his PhD at the University of Manchester where he applied Systems Biology approaches to the study of DNA replication in human cell lines. He also obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Bioinformatics from Imperial College.



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