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Aruna Sivakumar is reader in consumer demand modelling and urban systems at the Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London. She is director of the Urban Systems Lab, and leads several smart city and systems modelling initiatives including, for example, the monitoring and evaluation work package of the EU Sharing Cities project, decentralised modelling of energy demand in the EPSRC-funded IDLES project, accessibility framework for equity analysis in the Wellcome Trust-funded Pathways project. As PI, she has attracted funding worth £1.8m over the last 5 years from national and international sources such as EPSRC, ESRC, Shell Inc in the UK, and SMRT Singapore. Over a career spanning 15 years, Aruna has published more than 40 peer reviewed journal papers, made over a 100 conference presentations, and published several book chapters. Her review paper on urban energy systems and journal article on activity-based travel demand modelling have both been cited over 400 times. Her research on activity based microsimulation models of urban resource demands is internationally renowned and she has been invited to present at several seminar series, such as the UCL Energy series and the Choice Modelling Seminar series at Leeds University.  Aruna has been member of several scientific committees, including the Travel Behaviour and Values subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) in the US, and the ‘Infrastructure Operation and Traffic Management in Developing Countries’ committee of the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS). She is an editorial board member of Transportation Letters, and a founding stakeholder of the Zephry Foundation for Advancing Travel Analysis Methods.



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Losa Rovira Y, Faghih Imani A, Sivakumar A, et al., 2022, Do in-home and virtual activities impact out-of-home activity participation? Investigating end-user activity behaviour and time use for residential energy applications, Energy and Buildings, Vol:257, ISSN:0378-7788, Pages:1-11

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