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Ankur Thapar FEBVS, FRCS, PhD, FHEA, PGCE is a consultant vascular and renal access surgeon and honorary clinical senior lecturer in surgery.

His academic interests are interventions for carotid disease, post-thrombotic syndrome and remotely supervised exercise for intermittent claudication.

He is a member of the international multi-specialty carotid expert group FACTCATS.

His clinical work and trial recruitment is at the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

Grant funding

NIHR HTA CHAPS multicentre randomised controlled trial £900k


European Board of Vascular Surgery 2021 exam Gold Medal

Nott Foundation Prize for Humanitarian Surgical Training 2017

European Federation of Ultrasound Medicine and Biology Young Investigator 2012

UK Venous Forum Travelling Fellow 2011

London Surgical Symposium Overall Winner 2011

Royal College of Surgeons Mary Dunhill Fellow 2010-2012

Circulation Foundation Mary Davies Award 2010

Key publications

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An International, Multispecialty, Expert Review and Position Statement

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