Imperial College London


Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Professor of Theoretical Physics



+44 (0)20 7594 1890a.tseytlin Website




685Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





I am a member of the theoretical physics group. My research interests include string theory, quantum field theory and quantum gravity.  I am particularly interested in various connections  between string theory and gauge theory.



Beccaria M, Giombi S, Tseytlin AA, 2024, (2,0) theory on S<sup>5</sup> × S<sup>1</sup> and quantum M2 branes, Nuclear Physics B, Vol:998, ISSN:0550-3213

Seibold FK, Tseytlin AA, 2023, S-matrix on effective string and compactified membrane, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Vol:56, ISSN:1751-8113

Tseytlin AA, 2023, Quantum Supermembranes and AdS/CFT Duality, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Vol:137, ISSN:1063-7761, Pages:846-863

Tseytlin AA, 2023, Comments on a 4-derivative scalar theory in 4 dimensions, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol:217, ISSN:0040-5779, Pages:1969-1986

Beccaria M, Giombi S, Tseytlin AA, 2023, Instanton contributions to the ABJM free energy from quantum M2 branes, Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol:2023

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