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AB - BackgroundMitochondrial deficits leading to synaptic dysfunction have been hypothesised in the pathophysiology of AD with Aβ/tau impairing mitochondrial function. To date a combined evaluation of human mitochondrial and synaptic function has not been performed directly in vivo. We describe the pilot results of MINDMAPSAD aiming to evaluate mitochondrial and synaptic function in the brain of patients with MCI/AD. The novel radioligands [18F]BCPPEF, [11C]SA4503 and [11C]UCBJ are used to compare the regional density of mitochondrial complex I (MC1), the sigma 1 receptor (s1R) and synaptic vesicular protein 2A (SV2A) respectively.MethodsSix participants with AD related pathologies, EMCI (n=2), LMCI (n=2), and AD (n=2) and six cognitively normal (CN) subjects were enrolled. Participants fulfilled NIAAA criteria and were Aβ +ve confirmed by [18F]Florbetaben PET. Participants underwent PET scans with [18F]BCPPEF, [11C]SA4503 and [11C]UCBJ. Regions of interest (ROIs) were defined on subject MR images using an anatomical atlas. Target density was evaluated using the VT, as well as VT corrected for the plasma free fraction (fP; VT/fp), and the regional VT ratio versus the VT in the centrum semiovale, expected to have low levels of the targets (DVR). Comparison of regional target density and fP between AD and CN was performed using a twotailed, unpaired student's ttest.ResultsThe fP values in the AD participants were higher for [18F]BCPPEF and [11C]UCBJ (27%, p < 0.02; and 14%, p < 0.08 respectively) and hence VT/fP and DVR were chosen as the parameters of interest. VT/fP and DVR analyses provided consistent results, with lower mean density of MC1 (10%) and SV2A (16%) across the brain regions, and higher density of s1R (+16%) in participants with AD. Although statistical significance was reached in only some of the ROI, the overall pattern was consistent across ROI in this small pilot.ConclusionsDifferences in molecular markers of mitochondrial and
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