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Dr Alex Whittaker

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Senior Lecturer



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I am a Senior Lecturer in Tectonics in the Earth and Planets devision of the Department of Earth Science and Engineering. My research addresses the interaction of active tectonics, particularly in rift settings, with erosion, sediment transport and deposition.  Currently I am working on the dynamics of sediment routing systems both in small mountain catchments and also in larger-scale river systems. I am particularly interested in the tectonic, climatic and lithological controls on the timing, mode and size distribution of sediment delivered to fluvial networks, and the implications this has for depositional stratigraphy on a variety of spatial scales. I am also working on the transient dynamics of fluvial and debris-flow dominated systems in response to changes in tectono-climatic boundary conditions, and the extent to which it is possible to decode tectonics from topography in upland areas.  

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  • 2014              Senior Lecturer in Tectonics, Imperial College
  • 2010-2014      Lecturer in Tectonics, Imperial College
  • 2007-2009      Post-Doc, Imperial College
  • 2007               PhD, University of Edinburgh
  • 2005               M.A., University of Cambridge
  • 2002                MSci., University of Cambridge
  • 2001                 B.A., University of Cambridge     

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lonergan L, Jolly BA, Whittaker A, 2016, Growth history of fault-related folds and interaction with seabed channels in the toe-thrust region of the deep-water Niger delta, Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol:70, ISSN:0264-8172, Pages:58-76

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