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Anatole Wiik is a NIHR academic clinical lecturer on the London North West Thames Trauma and Orthopaedic higher surgical training programme. He studied medicine at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Trinidad, graduating in June 2010.  While at UWI, Anatole attained MBBS(Hons)  and BMedSci(Hons) degrees. He graduated as the top student and received the Dean's award for the best overall student for his/her 5 year tenure.  He also received the prestigious gold medal in surgery which is the award given to the best student in surgery throughout the 4 campuses of UWI in the Caribbean. Following that he completed his foundation and core surgical training in London, during which he completed his MRCS (England) examinations.


Anatole is a member of the Imperial MSk lab group, which is led by Prof. Cobb. His major interests are surgery and musculoskeletal system. He is particularly interested in human performance. Amidst his interests his current research is on gait analysis using an instrumented treadmill, for which he has received his MD (Res).  He hopes to help create a practical and objective way of assessing hip and knee joint function. 

External Interests

Anatole was a competitive athlete. While undertaking his Chemistry BSc in Wisconsin, he played American football. He continued his football endeavors professionally and played in the 2005 European championships, where he was honoured MVP and league allstar. These experiences have led him to appreciate the importance of human performance and his personal endeavor is to ensure patients achieve their functional potential.



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