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Amy Wilson is a postgraduate Sustainable Civil Engineering PhD student funded by the Engineering and Physical Research Council (ESPRC) CDT

Previously, Amy studied Chemistry with a Year in Industry, MChem (Hons), at the University of York. During her final undergraduate year, Amy worked in the Material Characterisation Section at AkzoNobel in Slough. 


Amy's research involves studying the physicochemical characteristics and formulation mechanisms of nanoparticles produced during peatland fires. By aligning this information with size and concentration nanoparticle data, Amy intends to determine the toxicity of the nanoparticles, and consequently, the implications of peatland fires on human health and the urban environment. The PhD will be supervised by Dr Marc Stettler, Dr Chris Cheeseman, Dr Hong Wong and Dr Geoff Fowler.

Additional Research Interests

Amy continues to participate in a range of Imperial College London led climate change and air quality projects. For example, the co-organisation of an Imperial College Network of Excellence on Air Quality (NExAir) two-part structured decision-making workshop that aimed to bring together academics, experts, and policymakers to discuss transport-related air pollution policies. In 2019, Amy also attended the UNFCCC COP26 in Madrid, as part of a CDT project that was evaluating the importance of blue carbon ecosystems for mitigating climate change.