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Dr Adrian T LaMoury

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in in the Space and Atmospheric Physics group, working with supercomputer simulations of Earth's magnetosphere for space weather forecasting.

My PhD thesis title was 'Magnetosheath Jets: From the Bow Shock to the Magnetopause' and was completed summer 2023. My research focus was on magnetosheath jets, large dynamic pressure pulses originating at the terrestrial bow shock, and their role in the Earth's magnetospheric system. I worked with large datasets of in situ spacecraft measurements to statistically determine what solar wind conditions are responsible for jets impacting the magnetopause, how they can stimulate magnetic reconnection at the magnetopause, and their contribution to space weather.

I also have interests in science communication, policy, and public engagement.

Prior to my PhD, I completed my MSci Physics at Imperial, graduating in 2019. For my MSci project I performed a statistical study of magnetic reconnection exhausts observed in the solar wind and magnetosheath by the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) spacecraft.

During my undergraduate I gained research experience through a summer project studying the radial evolution of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs). I also carried out testing and analysis on the JUICE magnetometer engineering model, and spent some time at the National Physical Laboratory where I helped to develop a temperature control system for the Kibble balance, used in the redefinition of the SI kilogram.


  • Outstanding Student Presentation Award, THEMIS-ARTEMIS science team meeting, 2022
  • Postgraduate Outreach Award, Imperial Department of Physics, 2022


  • 2020-21: Demonstrator, Year 1 Lab & Computing
  • 2021-22: Demonstrator, Year 1 Lab & Computing
  • 2022-23 Demonstrator, Year 1 Lab & Computing
  • 2023-24 Demonstrator, Year 1 Lab (Head of experiment, spectrometer)



Vuorinen L, Hietala H, Lamoury AT, et al., 2023, Solar Wind Parameters Influencing Magnetosheath Jet Formation: Low and High IMF Cone Angle Regimes, Journal of Geophysical Research-space Physics, Vol:128, ISSN:2169-9380

Owens MJ, Lockwood M, Barnard LA, et al., 2023, Annual Variations in the Near-Earth Solar Wind, Solar Physics, Vol:298, ISSN:0038-0938

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