Imperial College London

Professor A G M Barrett, FRS, FMedSci

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Emeritus Professor







Ms Virginia Manch +44 (0)20 7594 5767




110DCentre House CWhite City Campus





Professor Barrett's group is carrying out research on the total synthesis of bioactive natural products including antibiotics and anticancer agents, heterocyclic compounds, organometallic compounds, macrocyclic ethers and lactones and porphyrazines. Additionally, they are seeking to design and develop novel therapeutic agents for the detection and treatment of cancers particularly breast cancer. The team is also investigating the use of catalysis for sustainable organic synthesis, the development of combinatorial chemistry and parallel synthesis for pharmaceutical discovery and for other applications, and the applications of microfluidic flow reactors in synthesis.

The Barrett Group Members

Group members 2016
Barrett group members 2016 - Jiaxu Han, Xiaowen Dong, Ndidi Iwumene, Hannah Cook, Josh Almond-Thynne, Lam Quang Tran, Tsz Ma, Luiza dos Reis Cruz, Rene Riedel, Tony Barrett


Current group Members

Name Email
Rene Riedel Nov 2014
Josh Almond-Thynne Oct 2014
Hannah Cook Oct 2014
Luiza dos Reis Oct 2014
Tsz Ma Oct 2015
Jiaxu Han Oct 2016

Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Name Date Joined Email
Sara Goldstein March 2017

Barrett Group Photos

Frauke Thrun, Sylvain Jacques, Bhavesh Patel, Peter Blencowe, Jens Cordes


Katie Anderson, Sylvain Laclef, Matt Penny, Lily Thivet


Malte Wohlfahrt, Brian Slafer, Aniello Palma, Lauriane Buisson, Andreas Doepner, Alex Bondke, Paul Brookes


Past Postdoctoral Researchers

Name Date Joined
Simon Michaelis September 2006
Xavier Guinchard October 2006
Ismael Navarro-Fuertes December 2006
Oliver Niemeier May 2007
Darunee Soorokram May 2007
Bjorn Gebhardt September 2007
Christoph Pöverlein March 2008
Aline Banchet April 2008
Andreas Blum April 2008
Mihaela Negru April 2008
Matthew Cook August 2008
Magdalena Jarosz September 2008
Mathieu Toumi January 2009
Marion Barbazanges January 2009
Sylvain Laclef October 2010
Frauke Thrun March 2012
Nicolas George January 2013
Malte Wohlfart March 2013
Okanya Kokas March 2013
Brian Slafer March 2013
Jens Cordes  March 2013

Past Postgraduate Students

Name Completion Date
Jenny Lachs August 2013
Katie Anderson May 2013
Bhavesh Patel July 2012
Hideki Miyatake Ondozabal May 2012
Elizabeth Jones November 2011
Marianne Fouche November 2011
Jullien Rey November 2011
Christine Brinkmann October 2011
Sylvain Jacques October 2011
Frederic Calo February 2010
Emmanuel Callens 2008
Mark Crimmin 2008
Paula Rzepa 2008