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Dr Aidan Rhodes is a Research Fellow based at Imperial College London. He is currently Energy Policy Briefing Papers Fellow at the Energy Futures Lab, working on preparing a range of accessible briefing papers on topics of relevance to energy sector policymakers and stakeholders.

Previously to this, he was part of the Energy Strategy Fellowship team for the UK Research Councils, which was tasked with creating a prospectus of future skills, research and training needs for the UK energy sector, as well as carrying out a large-scale research project on comparing the effectiveness of national energy innovation systems across the world.

Aidan has also been Knowledge Exchange Associate at the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), where he carried out a wide range of activities aimed at connecting and facilitating UK and international energy research efforts.

Dr Rhodes is an expert on UK energy policy and innovation strategy, with a particular emphasis on smart systems and networks. He has presented widely at events both in the UK and internationally, is the author of several influential reports in the smart systems and heat sector, and has facilitated several information-sharing missions between the UK and Asia-Pacific nations including Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. 

Research Projects

RCUK Energy Strategy Fellowship (EPSRC 2012 - 2017)



Carmichael R, Gross R, Hanna R, et al., 2021, The Demand Response Technology Cluster: accelerating UK residential consumer engagement with time-of-use tariffs, electric vehicles and smart meters via digital comparison tools, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol:139, ISSN:1364-0321

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