Imperial College London

Dr Aikaterini Diamanti

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering








Roderic Hill BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Post-doc research assistant

Imperial College London (2016-2017)

Advisors: Prof. Claire Adjiman, Prof. Amparo Galindo

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Imperial College London (2012-2016)

Supervisors: Prof. Claire Adjiman, Prof. Amparo Galindo

Industrial collaborators: Patrick Piccione, Anita Rea

PhD Thesis: On the determination of the reaction rate constant and selectivity in gas and liquid-phase organic reactions: Temperature and solvent effects


MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering

Imperial College London (2011-2012)

Supervisor: Prof. Stratos Pistikopoulos

Master thesis: How to address uncertainty in biomedical systems


Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens (2006-2011)

Supervisor: Prof. Haris Sarimveis

Diploma dissertation: Stochastic model predictive control of linear systems with constraints on the input variables



Diamanti A, Ganase Z, Grant E, et al., 2021, Mechanism, kinetics and selectivity of a Williamson ether synthesis: elucidation under different reaction conditions, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, Vol:6, ISSN:2058-9883, Pages:1195-+

Diamanti A, Adjiman CS, Piccione PM, et al., 2016, Development of Predictive Models of the Kinetics of a Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction Combining Quantum-Mechanical Calculations and Experimental Data, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol:56, ISSN:0888-5885, Pages:815-831


Diamanti A, Adjiman C, Galindo A, 2014, Systematic study of the accuracy of Conventional Transition State Theory in the calculations of the kinetics of a gas-phase reaction, 248th National Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS), AMER CHEMICAL SOC, ISSN:0065-7727

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