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Dr Katerina Tsiampousi is a Senior Lecturer in Geotechnics since 2013, specialising in unsaturated soil mechanics. She completed her undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2005. She joined Imperial College as a post-graduate in the same year, obtaining an MSc in Soil Mechanics in 2006 and a PhD in Geotechnics in 2011. During this period, she participated in the development of the bespoke Finite Element (FE) code ICFEP by developing and implementing new constitutive and soil-water retention models for unsaturated soils. Until 2012 Dr Tsiampousi worked as a Research Associate at Imperial College London, designing and executing 3D FE simulations of structural laboratory tests on a half-scale lining ring made of grey cast iron segments, with the two-fold purpose of guiding the setups for the tests and validating the numerical model (Crossrail Research Project funded by EPSRC, Cross London Rail Links Ltd, London Underground Ltd and Morgan Est plc.) Her PhD and Post-Doc work was presented in the prestigious Rankine Day Seminars in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Dr Tsiampousi continues to conduct numerical and experimental research in the area of unsaturated soils, with applications on Energy Geotechnics and on Environmental Geotechnics.

Areas of expertise:

THM testing and modelling of geo-materials; behaviour of partially saturated media; reliability and risk of geotechnical structures (excavations, tunnels, slopes, foundations); behaviour of natural and cut slopes under seasonal pore water pressure variations.


  • A team of Academics led by Professor D G Toll was awarded an EPSRC Standard Grant to study Climate Adaptation Control Technologies for Urban Spaces (CACTUS). Dr Tsiampousi is the Imperial College PI on the project.
  • Imperial College is part of the Horizon2020 funded project Mechanical Evolution of Bentonite (BEACON). Dr Tsiampousi is CoI on the project.



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Tkahashi H, Zdravkovic L, Tsiampousi A, et al., 2022, Destabilisation of seawall ground by ocean waves, Geotechnique: International Journal of Soil Mechanics, ISSN:0016-8505

Pedone G, Tsiampousi A, Cotecchia F, et al., 2022, Coupled hydro-mechanical modelling of soil-vegetation-atmosphere interaction in natural clay slopes, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol:59, ISSN:0008-3674, Pages:272-290

Ruiz Lopez A, Tsiampousi A, Standing J, et al., 2022, Numerical investigation of a segmental grey cast iron tunnel ring: validation with laboratory data and application to field conditions, Computers and Geotechnics, Vol:141, ISSN:0266-352X, Pages:1-19


Petalas A, Tsiampousi A, Zdravkovic L, et al., Numerical investigation of the performance of engineered barriers in reducing flood risk, 3rd Pan-American Conference on Unsaturated Soils

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