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I am a Research Associate in the Matar Fluids Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering, working on Rheology and Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids.

I recently obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering working on Turbulent Inhomogeneous Autoignition of Liquid Fuels (at the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) laboratory). During the PhD, I:

• Designed and developed a state-of-the-art experimental apparatus for a parametric study of the effect of flow inlet conditions on autoignition of pure liquid fuels

• Measured the autoignition delay time, location, frequency, and primary atomisation -- fuel jet break-up, droplet formation and evaporation

Applications: Improve design of combustors in engines and gas turbines for efficient fuel utilisation and reduction of harmful emissions by predicting and controlling autoignition; validating/developing computational models

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PhD, Imperial College London
Nov 2012 – Mar 2017

Turbulent Inhomogeneous Autoignition of Liquid Fuels
Advisor: Dr. Christos N. Markides

MSc, Imperial College London
Class of 2012
Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering
First Class Honours with Distinction
Advisors: Dr. Karen Polizzi and Dr. Christos N. Markides
• Analysed data from particle image velocimetry (PIV) and microbial cell growth/productivity measurements in mixers to characterise flow turbulence and the effect of fluid-mechanical parameters on living micro-organisms
• Courses: Advanced Process Optimisation, Dynamic Behaviour of Process Systems, Bioprocess Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Financial Management (from Imperial College Business School)

BEng (Chemical), UICET, Panjab University (India)
Class of 2011
First Division with Honours



Gupta A, Markides CN, 2020, Autoignition of an n-heptane jet in a confined turbulent hot coflow of air, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol:119, ISSN:0894-1777, Pages:1-23

Gupta A, Qadri UA, Koutita K, et al., 2020, Experimental investigation of the flow in a micro-channelled combustor and its relation to flame behaviour, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol:116, ISSN:0894-1777

Gupta A, Mathie R, Markides CN, 2014, An experimental and computational investigation of a thermal storage system based on a phase change material: Heat transfer and performance characterization, Computational Thermal Sciences, Vol:6, ISSN:1940-2554, Pages:341-359


Moran H, Gupta A, Voulgaropoulos V, et al., Autoignition of a liquid n-heptane jet injected into a confined turbulent hot co-flow, 3rd SEE SDEWES 2018, SDEWES

Gupta A, Markides CN, 2017, An experimental study of the autoignition of polydispersed liquid-fuel droplets in a confined high-temperature turbulent coflow, 8th European Combustion Meeting, Combustion Institute

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