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KennedySilwood Park





I'm a second-year PhD student based at Silwood Park. Under the supervision of Prof. Austin Burt I am investigating methods of gene drive control in Anopheles gambiae.

My project is aligned with the SSCP DTP programme run by the Grantham Institute. 

Previous Studies

MRes Systems and Synthetic Biology - Imperial College

Supervised by Dr. Nikolai Windbichler I worked on the characterization of novel shuffling recombinases for the generation of repeat protein libraries.

BSc Biological Sciences - Imperial College

As my final year project, supervised by Prof. Andrea Crisanti and Barbara Fasulo, I investigated gene drive designs for the control of invasive Drosophila suzukii populations.

For my second year dissertation I was also supervised by Prof. Crisanti, assessing the feasibility of using gene drives for achieving New Zealand's  "Predator Free 2050" goals.