Imperial College London

Dr Alex Ivanov

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Senior Lecturer



+44 (0)20 7594 5752alex.ivanov Website




Mr John Murrell +44 (0)20 7594 2845




110JMolecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus




Group Members


Current members:

Aleksandar (Alex) Ivanov (Group Leader)
Aleksandra Fedosyuk (PhD Candidate)
Alfie Gatehouse (PhD Candidate) 
Annie Sahota (PhD Candidate) 
Anthony Monteza Cabrejos (PhD Candidate) 
Benedict Reilly-O'Donnell (PDRA)
Caroline Koch (PhD Candidate)
Charlotte Hudlerova (PhD Candidate)
Debjani Saha (PhD Candidate)
Haoqing Ning (PhD Candidate)
Jiayu Wang (PhD Candidate)
Liquan Long (PhD Candidate)
Long Yi (PhD Candidate)
Micol Damiani (PhD Candidate)
Oliver Burman (PhD Candidate) 
Dr Ren Ren (PDRA)
Siân Allerton (PhD Candidate)
Xiaoyi Wang (PhD Candidate) 
Xixian Yi (PhD Candidate) 
Yaxian Liu (PhD Candidate)
Yilin Li (PhD Candidate)
Zoe Kwan (PhD Candidate)


Dr Shenglin Cai (PDRA) -> PDRA, Chemistry, University of Cambridge
Alexandra Dias-Lalcaca (PhD) -> Research Analyst, Gatemore Capital Management
Guila Campolo (PhD) -> Sequencing Operations Team Lead, DNA Electronics, UK
Miruna Cretu (MSci) -> IBM Research Zurich, PhD, University of Cambridge
Tharanyaa Balasundaram (MSci) -> Actuarial Analyst - Pacific Life Re
Mike Lloyd (MRes Chemical Biology) -> Consultant, BrightCarbon, UK
Wangwei Dong (MRes Nanomaterials)
Dr Jasper Fried (PDRA) -> PDRA, UNSW, Australia
Laurin Rupp (MSci) -> MSc Physics, Germany
Sanziana Foia (MSci) -> PhD, Bioengineering, Imperial, UK
Madeleine Sutton (BSc)
Dr Longhua Tang (Visiting Professor, Zhejiang University)
Dr Paolo Cadinu (PDRA) -> Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School, USA
Dr Minkyung Kang (PDRA) -> Research Fellow, University of Warwick, UK
Ben Edwards (PhD) -> R&D Scientist at BiotIP
Qian Zhang (MRes Nanomaterials) -> PhD, Oxford University, UK
Lin Chai (MRes Nanomaterials) -> PhD, Chemistry, University of Cambridge  (UK)
Xun Zhou (MRes Nanomaterials) -> PhD, UCL, UK
Haiyin Wang (MRes Nanomaterials)
Dr Xiaoyan Lin (PDRA) -> PDRA, Chemical Engineering, Imperial, UK
Jinjing Zhang (MRes Green Chemistry) 
Marco Riccardi (MRes) -> PhD, EPFL (CH)
Yu Zhang (MRes Nanomaterials) 
Yujie Wu (UROP Student)
Charlotte Borrill (UROP) -> PhD, Chemical Engineering, Imperial (UK)