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Mr Alex T. J. Ranne

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Research Postgraduate



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Alex T. J. Ranne is a Postgraduate Researcher in the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and affiliated with the AI4Health CDT.

His research interests include the development of intelligent surgical instruments for robotically guided minimally invasive endovascular surgery. His current work involves incorporating shape sensing and AI-driven Ultrasound guidance into the clinical workflow, which aims to enable localisation and navigation of instruments in the vasculature.

Before joining the Hamlyn Centre, Alex graduated from Imperial College London with a first class honours in MEng Mechanical Engineering. As part of his undergraduate degree, he worked as an undergraduate researcher in the REDS lab in the Dyson School of Design Engineering, where he conducted research on Augmented Reality guided Human-Robot Interaction.



Ranne A, Clark AB, Rojas N, 2022, Augmented reality-assisted reconfiguration and workspace visualization of malleable robots: workspace modification through holographic guidance, Ieee Robotics & Automation Magazine, Vol:29, ISSN:1070-9932, Pages:2-13

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