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I am a Research Associate at Imperial College London working in the Centre for Mathematics of Precision Healthcare, under the supervision of Sophia Yaliraki and Mauricio Barahona. I was a PhD student at Imperial College London under the supervision of Darryl D. Holm.

My personnal webpage can be found here.



Peach RL, Arnaudon A, Schmidt JA, et al., 2021, HCGA: highly comparative graph analysis for network phenotyping, Patterns, ISSN:2666-3899, Pages:100227-100227

Peach R, Arnaudon A, Schmidt J, et al., 2021, HCGA: Highly Comparative Graph Analysis for network phenotyping, Patterns

Peach R, Arnaudon A, Barahona M, 2020, Graph centrality is a question of scale, Physical Review Research, Vol:2, ISSN:2643-1564

Peach RL, Arnaudon A, Barahona M, 2020, Semi-supervised classification on graphs using explicit diffusion dynamics, Foundations of Data Science, Vol:2, ISSN:2639-8001, Pages:19-33


Palacios J, Zisis E, Coste B, et al., 2020, BlueBrain/NeuroM: New function extract_dataframe that extract morphometrics as a dataframe, v.1.5.1

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