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I am a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Water Management, with expertise in advanced modelling and analysis of processes, planning, resilience and economics of water systems. I am leading the development of novel systems analysis approaches and methodologies to inform regulatory bodies and industry about the role and value of people, cities, natural capital and technological innovations in defining water security and sustainable development under future uncertainties. 

I am currently on a NERC Innovation Fellowship working with the UK Environment Agency and their wide range of stakeholders to apply systems thinking and systemic approaches to understanding, structuring and measuring the catchment water system complexity of the Cumbria Pioneer. The project will develop a novel Systems Water Management framework for Catchment Scale Processes (#CASYWat) that will guide and support practical interpretation and demonstration of the key concepts underpinning the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan.


Whole-water system modelling - a framework for systems integration of water management across operation and investment timescales, and local, urban and catchment level infrastructures.

Integration of innovative and sustainable solutions – role and value of emerging technologies, green infrastructure and demand side response in supporting cost-effective integration of decentralised water management.  

Water management under uncertainties - adaptive planning and design of leverage points for future resilient water systems under multi-dimensional uncertainties and socio-economic changes.

Water market design – identification of economic opportunities for sustainable water management solutions including synergistic benefits models for decentralised water systems delivery.


Ana has a first class degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Before commencing her MSc, Ana worked at the same University as a teaching assistant in Fluid Mechanics and Hydrometry. She obtained a masters degree with distinction in Hydrology for Environmental Management from Imperial College London in 2009 and a PhD in Earth Science and Engineering from the same university in 2013.

The story about Ana's beginnings, work in India and influences can be found in her Royal Meteorological Society Influential Voices in Climate Interview (May, 2017)


Ana is the Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is coordinating activities with a primary aim of getting young people excited by civil engineering and the prospect of studying it here at Imperial.

Ana is also on a Panel of Editors for the Journal of Flood Risk Management.



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