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Current projects

2018-2019: CASYWat - Systems Water Management Framework for Catchment Scale Processes (NERC Innovation Fellowship), Principal Investigator (in collaboration with the Environment Agency and Royal Academy of Engineering).

2018-2023:  CAMELLIA - Community Water Management for a Liveable London (NERC RISE Programme), Systems Analysis Lead (led by Adrian Butler, Imperial College London).

2018-2021: Understanding and managing the risk of water related diseases under hydrometeorological extremes in Malaysia (UK NERC Newton Hydrometeorological Hazards), Co-Investigator (led by Wouter Buytaert, Imperial College London & Zed Zulkafli, Universiti Putra Malaysia).

2016-2019: Coupled Human And Natural Systems Environment (CHANSE) for water management under uncertainty in the Indo-Gangetic Plain (UK NERC & Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences), Principal Investigator (co-led with Subimal Ghosh, IIT Mumbai, India).

Finished projects

2017-2018:  Co-benefits and trade-offs of blue-green infrastructure adaptation measures in the urban environment (Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment Fellowship), Principal Investigator (in collaboration with Kathryn Brown, Committee on Climate Change).

2017-2018: The Blue-GreenTower Greywater Recycling Pilot for Social Housing in South Africa (Royal Academy of Engineering Frontiers for Development Award), Principal Investigator (in collaboration with Andre Nel, Eco-V, South Africa).

2012-2016: Hydroflux India (UK NERC & Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences), Co-Investigator (led by Wouter Buytaert, Imperial College London & Pradeep Mujumdar, IISc Bangalore, India).

2013-2016: Blue Green Dream (Climate-KIC), Co-Investigator (led by Cedo Maksimovic, Imperial College London).

2013-2016: Floods and Fire Risk Assessment and Management (EU-Life), Co-Investigator (led by Cedo Maksimovic, Imperial College London).

2014-2015: Improved techno-economic evaluation of Blue Green Solutions for managing flood risk to infrastructure (UK NERC), Principal Investigator.

2014-2015: Assessing the risk of groundwater-induced sewer flooding to inform water and sewerage company investment planning (UK NERC), Co-Investigator (led by Chris Jackson, British Geological Survey).

2004-2007: Rationalisation of the water consumption in water supply systems (Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia), Co-Investigator (led by Dusan Prodanovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia).

2002-2004: Development of the 3DNet software for the design and management of urban water systems (Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia), Co-Investigator (led by Dusan Prodanovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia).


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Pepe Puchol-Salort [in progress]: Infrastructure Ecology Framework for Sustainable Urban Planning and Water Management (co-supervisor with M.Van Reeuwijk)

Charles Zogheib [in progress]: Polycentric water resources assessment and governance in data-scarce regions (co-supervised with W.Buytaert)

Mohamad El Hattab [in progress]: Techno-economic evaluation of SuDS performance at the full scale (co-supervisor C.Onof, in collaboration with Thames Water)

Samer Muhandes [in progress]Interactions between SuDS and groundwater: impacts on design and implications for long-term sustainability (co-supervisors A.Butler and C.Jackson)

Filip Babovic [in progress]: Developing urban resilinace to water challanges under deep uncertainty (co-supervisor K.Madani)

Simon De Stercke [in progress]: Sustainable cities in the context of water-energy interactions (co-supervisors W.Buytaert and V.Chaturvedi)

Rui Pina [in progress]: Blue Green urban flood modelling (co-supervised with C.Maksimovic)

Former PhD students

Xi Liu [2017]: Hydrological and energy performance of multifunctional green roofs (co-supervised with C.Maksimovic); China Academy of Urban Planning and Design

Jimmy O'Keeffe [2016]Development of hydro-economic models to support water resource management in the Ganga Basin in a poverty alleviation context (co-supervised with W.Buytaert and N.Brozovic); PDRA, Imperial College Lodnon

Simon Moulds [2016]Modelling the water resources of the Ganges basin (co-supervised with W.Buytaert); PDRA, Univeristy of Exeter

Gina Tsarouchi [2015]Development of a distributed catchment hydrological model and assessing the impacts of land use changes on flooding in the Ganges Basin (co-supervised with W.Buytaert); HR Wallingford

PhD Opportunities

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2019: NERC DTP PhD programme

Blue Green urban adaptation framework for sustainable water future (co-supervised by Prof Mark Burgman, Centre for Environmental Policy)

The project will develop an adaptation framework that could allow a robust assessment of the Blue Green Infrastructure and other water management solutions in high-level decision-making. More information can be found here.

Deadline for the application: 8 Jan 2018

Guest Lectures

Techno-economic evaluation of Blue-Green Solutions for managing flood risk to infrastructure, BHS National MeetingImpacts of Flooding on Critical Infrastructure: a Stakeholder-Oriented Approach, ICE London, 2015

Hydrological feedbacks in groundwater dominated systems: approaches, challenges and projections of future change, The LOcal and Remote influences on Rainfall over India (LORRI) Air pollution and climate change in South Asia: Bridging the science, Imperial College London, 2015

Groundwater-induced sewer flooding: from modelling to decision-making, Groundwater Modellers' Forum WorkshopModelling Groundwater in the Urban Environment – Processes andProblems, Birmingham, 2015

Integrated approach to the urban water cycle - are we there yet?, Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, Exeter, 2015

Mathematics of non-Darcy CO2 injection into saline aquifers, Porous Media-Processes and Mathematics Research Network, Edinburgh, 2015

Hydrological aspect of CO2 underground storage, British Hydrological Society, Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 2012