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Audrey de Nazelle joined the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, in 2012 as a lecturer in air pollution management. She is an expert in risk assessment and exposure science. Her research is at the intersection of environmental sciences, health behaviour, transportation, and urban planning. Her work aims at guiding decision makers towards health-promoting built environments and policies. It involves novel and holistic approaches to assessing behavioral, environmental and health impacts of urban plans and policies.

She conducted her postdoctoral research at the Centre for Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) in Barcelona, Spain, where she developed and lead the European study Transportation Air Pollution and Physical ActivitieS: and Integrated Health Risk Assessment Programme of Climate Change and Urban Policies  (TAPAS). She holds a PhD and an MS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (UNC - ESE), where she still collaborates at the BME lab, and a Maîtrise in Mathematics from the University of Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie.

Dr de Nazelle was named one of the "50 Most Influential Female Scholars" by SuperScholar, an organization that aims to help match prospective students to degree programmes.

Dr de Nazelle leads the London-based case study for the EU-FP7 project Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches (PASTA), for which she supervises two PhD students: Esther Anaya and Juan Pablo Orjuela

She supervises six other PhD students:  Andrea Calderon on low-carbon mobility policies in cities and their impacts on air quality and health; Catalina Cruz Piedrahita on urban agriculture and health; Rosie Riley on societal engagement for sustainable behaviours through the use of smart phones; Yue Wang on pedestrian route choice modeling using app-based data; Paul Clift on air pollution interventions in schools; and Karina Corada on greenspace and air pollution. 

Dr de Nazelle leads other studies on transport and health (SPHR2 and Imperial societal engagement seed-funded projects on rail transport proposal development) and on societal engagement (Imperial and ESRC-funded projects, following up from the Behavioural Change for Urban Sustainability (BeCUS) study and  Enhancing the Plume Labs App and Monitor for Research and Policy (E-Plume) conducted in partnership with Plume Labs).

She is also a collaborator on the EPSRC-funded project Managing Air for Green Inner Cities (MAGIC), and on MRC-funded projects on active travel (METAHIT and TIGTHAT). 

Dr de Nazelle supervises many MSc theses every year, and convenes the Pollution Management option of the CEP's MSc in Environmental Technology.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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