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Dr Andrew Buchan

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Andrew Buchan

My research interests are in the simulation and prediction of the coupled physics of neutron transport and multi-phase fluid flows within nuclear systems. I am involved in developing the latest and novel numerical models at Imperial College, including the  FETCH and RADIANT codes, and my areas of research now cover the fields of adaptive finite elements, sub-grid scale methods, linear and non linear stabilization schemes, Krylov solvers, multigrid preconditioners, reduced order models, immersed body methods, multi-scale techniques, spherical wavelets, uncertainty quantification, error metrics and adaptivity schemes.

My research includes the study and reconstruction of historical criticality accidents, liquid fuel experiments, and the analysis and prediction of both liquid and solid fuel reactors. I am currently the scientific coordinator of a large grant to design the new radiation transport model RADIANT.



Buchan AG, Pain CC, 2016, An efficient space-angle subgrid scale discretisation of the neutron transport equation, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol:94, ISSN:1873-2100, Pages:440-450

Dargaville S, Goffin MA, Buchan AG, et al., 2015, Solving the Boltzmann transport equation with multigrid and adaptive space/angle discretisations, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol:86, ISSN:0306-4549, Pages:99-107

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Buchan AG, Calloo AA, Goffin MG, et al., 2015, A POD reduced order model for resolving angular direction in neutron/photon transport problems, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol:296, ISSN:0021-9991, Pages:138-157


Heaney CE, Buchan AG, Pain CC, et al., A reduced order model for criticality problems in reactor physics varyingcontrol rod settings, Proceedings of the 24 th UK Conference of the Association for Computational Mechanics in Engineering

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