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Academic Visitor



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811ABlackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





My abiding quest is to understand quantum many-body physics. Since 2003, a large part of my research has focussed on theories of strong correlation in cold atom traps, thanks to the potential for novel phenomena  that can be realized in this new highly controllable system. Previously and concurrently, I study strong correlation effects in electrons in solids. Motivated by the anomalous metallic behaviour of quasi-low-dimensional materials such as the high temperature superconductors, I looked for mechanisms that can destabilize a Fermi liquid--the standard model of normal metals.

My research areas has included:

1) Kondo physics in heavy fermion materials and in quantum dots

2) non-equilibrium strongly correlated physics in quantum dots

3) mechanisms for non-Fermi liquids in cuprates, heavy fermion  and ruthenate materials

4) Low dimensional strongly correlated physics in solid states and trapped ultra cold atoms systems. Particularly 1D Luttinger liquids, dimensional crossover and interlayer tunneling.

5) quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems and in strongly correlated ultra cold atom systems.

6) effects of weak disorder in strongly correlated systems