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Rose A, 2014, Development and testing of an upgrade to the CMS level-1 calorimeter trigger, Topical Workshop on Electronics in Particle Physics (TWEPP)

When the LHC resumes operation in 2015, the higher centre-of-mass energy and high-luminosity conditions will require significantly more sophisticated algorithms to select interesting physics events within the readout bandwidth limitations. The planned upgrade to the CMS calorimeter trigger will achieve this goal by implementing a flexible system based on the μTCA standard, with modules based on Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs and up to 144 optical links running at speeds of 10 Gbps. The upgrade will improve the energy and position resolution of physics objects, enable much improved isolation criteria to be applied to electron and tau objects and facilitate pile-up subtraction to mitigate the effect of the increased number of interactions occurring in each bunch crossing. The design of the upgraded system is summarised with particular emphasis placed on the results of prototype testing and the experience gained which is of general application to the design of such systems.

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Rose A, 2012, The MP7 and CTP-6: multi-hundred Gbps processing boards for calorimeter trigger upgrades at CMS, Topical Workshop on Electronics in Particle Physics (TWEPP)

Test results are presented for two AMC cards, the ``CTP6'' and ``MP7''. The two cards take different approaches to connectivity: the CTP-6 has fully-populated backplane connectivity and a 396 Gbps asymmetric, optical interface, whilst the MP7 instead favours a 1.4 Tbps, symmetric, all-optical interface. The challenges of designing the MP7 card necessitated the development of several test cards; the results of which are presented.

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