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I am a Research Associate (Postdoc) in the lab of Dr. Tobias Reichenbach at the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London. I joined Imperial in January 2020. 

I worked previously with Dr. Romain Brette on understanding the action potential mechanism in Paramecium at the Institut de la Vision in Paris. Prior to that, I graduated with a PhD in 2017 from UPMC, Paris while working at LPS, ENS, Paris where I researched on propagation of brain waves in the group of Dr. Vincent Hakim and on the Motion After Effect illusion and glial cells in zebrafish in the group of Dr. German Sumbre. I did my masters in Optics, Nanosciences and Condensed Matter Physics at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and my undergraduate major in Electrical Engineering and minor in Theoretical Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai. 

I am very interested in computational neuroscience and understanding the brain. I currently work in Auditory neuroscience and the computational modeling of multisensory speech processing in the Auditory cortexMore information about our group is available here:  Research page.

My research publications can be found on OrcidGoogle Scholar and my Linkedin page can be found at Linkedin. My Github page can be found here: Github and my Twitter page here: Twitter

I enjoy teaching and have been a Teaching Assistant for the courses of Probability and Statistics, Computational Neuroscience, Reinforcement learning and Brain Machine Interfaces.

In my free time, I like to do some science dissemination and recently started a Science Blog exploring various new advances in science. Recently, a colleague and I organized a workshop for Imperial Lates on the topic of brain illusions and how they can teach us about the brain. A youtube playlist related to that and some explanations can be found here

Feel free to send me any email for any discussion/collaborations.



Elices I, Kulkarni A, Escoubet N, et al., 2022, An electrophysiological and behavioral model of <i>Paramecium</i>, the “swimming neuron”

Kulkarni A, Kegler M, Reichenbach T, 2021, Effect of visual input on syllable parsing in a computational model of a neural microcircuit for speech processing., Journal of Neural Engineering, Vol:5, ISSN:1741-2552, Pages:1-14

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Kulkarni A, Elices I, Escoubet N, et al., 2020, A simple device to immobilize protists for electrophysiology and microinjection, The Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol:223, ISSN:0022-0949, Pages:1-5

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