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Dr Anisha Patel

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory Manager







City and Guilds BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





I am a researcher managing the battery research laboratories and supporting researching activities at the Electrochemical Science and Engineering group. The groups research focuses on the fundamental studies of electrochemical energy devices, their implementation in automotive and stationary power applications. I am involved in the Faraday Institutions Fast Start MSM and provide consultancy on lithium ion batteries through Imperial Consultants (ICON).

My field of expertise lies in electrochemistry and material characterisation, and I am experienced in cell testing and post-mortem characterisation coin cells, pouch cells and cylindrical cells, as well all cell fabrication.

My early research focused on investigating the electrochemical and physical properties of carbon electrode materials, specifically focusing on graphite electrodes. Following my PhD, I obtained a fellowship from the French research council and went on to build my scientific expertise in Paris by developing electrochemical techniques and applying them to analyse catalytic systems. After almost four years in Paris, I moved to Germany, where I worked on developing multimodal scanning probe microscopy to characterise interfacial charge transfer processes. In 2018, I returned to England and began studying the degradation of lithium ion batteries. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Paiva TO, Torbensen K, Patel AN, et al., 2020, Probing the Enzymatic Activity of Individual Biocatalytic fd-Viral Particles by Electrochemical-Atomic Force Microscopy, ACS Catalysis, Vol:10, ISSN:2155-5435, Pages:7843-7856

Torbensen K, Patel AN, Anne A, et al., 2019, Immuno-Based Molecular Scaffolding of Glucose Dehydrogenase and Ferrocene Mediator on fd Viral Particles Yields Enhanced Bioelectrocatalysis, ACS Catalysis, Vol:9, ISSN:2155-5435, Pages:5783-5796

Patel AN, Kranz C, 2018, (Multi)functional Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, Vol:11, ISSN:1936-1327, Pages:329-350

Brasiliense V, Patel AN, Martinez-Marrades A, et al., 2016, Correlated Electrochemical and Optical Detection Reveals the Chemical Reactivity of Individual Silver Nanoparticles, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol:138, ISSN:0002-7863, Pages:3478-3483

Patel AN, Martinez-Marrades A, Brasiliense V, et al., 2015, Deciphering the Elementary Steps of Transport-Reaction Processes at Individual Ag Nanoparticles by 3D Super localization Microscopy, Nano Letters, Vol:15, ISSN:1530-6984, Pages:6454-6463

Patel AN, Collignon MG, O'Connell MA, et al., 2012, A New View of Electrochemistry at Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol:134, ISSN:0002-7863, Pages:20117-20130

More Publications