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Dr Anja Tremper

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Research Fellow







Sir Michael Uren HubWhite City Campus





Dr Anja Tremper is a Research Fellow in the Environmental Research Group where she is a member of the Aerosol Science Team. Her research focuses on the physical and chemical characterisation of ambient particulate matter and identifying its sources.

In her PhD research, she assessed the impact of metals associated with ambient particulates on mosses at roadside, which sparked her interest in the characterisation of particulate matter and understanding and identifying pollution sources.

The research work she is involved with is based on both the use of filter measurements and off-line analytical methods, as well as high time resolved online measurements (such as ACSM, XACT XRF). The measurement data has been used to quantify specific sources (e.g. levoglucosan as wood burning tracer in London); and to feed source apportionment methods using mass closure models and positive matrix factorisation (e.g. PMF analysis of particle size distribution near airports).

Within the Environmental Research Group her work further includes running one of the London Atmospheric Observatories or ‘supersites’, which hosts a wide range of gaseous and aerosol measurement equipment for atmospheric science and health studies. 

Key Research Interests:

Measurement of atmospheric aerosol and gaseous composition

Source apportionment of aerosol sources for health impact and policy development

Assessment of new measurement techniques for aerosols and gases



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