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Anna is an environmental scientist with over 15 years' experience, specialising in environmental management, water quality, freshwater ecology, and climate risk.

Her recent project at the University of Reading involved evaluating the effects of climate change on a series of risk indicators (heat-health alerts, fire warning systems, droughts, floods, etc.) across the UK. This multi-disciplinary work focused on providing information about potential consequences of climate change in terms directly relevant to policymakers. Prior to this, she collaborated with a Pan-European team of freshwater ecologists exploring the relationship between ecology and health of urban freshwater environments and public wellbeing.

Anna holds a PhD in Geography and Environmental Sciences (University of Reading); her study was centred around the catchment-scale ecology and water quality in the River Thames (based at UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology). She is a member of the Freshwater Biological Association and British Ecological Society.



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