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Prof. Anthony Kucernak (ARK) B.Sc., Ph.D,. CChem. MRSC, is a professor of  Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, and has extensive experience in the study of various aspects of solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells, supercapacitors, and the design of new electrochemical techniques. His group currently studies a large number of aspects of fuel cell systems ranging from the development of new electrocatalysts, the development of new techniques to characterise and study electrocatalysts, the development of fuel cell electrodes, and the development of new methods to characterise fuel cells.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Kucernak AR, Zalitis C, 2016, General Models for the Electrochemical Hydrogen Oxidation and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions: Theoretical Derivation and Experimental Results under Near Mass-Transport Free Conditions, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol:120, ISSN:1932-7447, Pages:10721-10745

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Markiewicz M, Zalitis C, Kucernak A, 2015, Performance measurements and modelling of the ORR on fuel cell electrocatalysts - the modified double trap model, Electrochimica Acta, Vol:179, ISSN:0013-4686, Pages:126-136

Zalitis CM, Sharman J, Wright E, et al., 2015, Properties of the hydrogen oxidation reaction on Pt/C catalysts at optimised high mass transport conditions and its relevance to the anode reaction in PEFCs and cathode reactions in electrolysers, Electrochimica Acta, Vol:176, ISSN:0013-4686, Pages:763-776

Kucernak ARJ, Sundaram VNN, 2014, Nickel phosphide: the effect of phosphorus content on hydrogen evolution activity and corrosion resistance in acidic medium, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol:2, ISSN:2050-7488, Pages:17435-17445

Varcoe JR, Atanassov P, Dekel DR, et al., 2014, Anion-exchange membranes in electrochemical energy systems, Energy & Environmental Science, Vol:7, ISSN:1754-5692, Pages:3135-3191

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Jiang JH, Kucernak A, 2002, Electrochemical supercapacitor material based on manganese oxide: preparation and characterization, Electrochimica Acta, Vol:47, ISSN:0013-4686, Pages:2381-2386

Chen SL, Kucernak A, 2004, Electrocatalysis under conditions of high mass transport rate: Oxygen reduction on single submicrometer-sized Pt particles supported on carbon, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol:108, ISSN:1520-6106, Pages:3262-3276

Eikerling M, Kornyshev AA, Kucernak AR, 2006, Water in polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Friend or foe?, Physics Today, Vol:59, ISSN:0031-9228, Pages:38-44

Jiang JH, Kucernak A, 2003, Electrooxidation of small organic molecules on mesoporous precious metal catalysts II: CO and methanol on platinum-ruthenium alloy, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Interfacial Electrochemistry, Vol:543, ISSN:0022-0728, Pages:187-199

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Green CL, Kucernak A, 2002, Determination of the platinum and ruthenium surface areas in platinum-ruthenium alloy electrocatalysts by underpotential deposition of copper. I. Unsupported catalysts, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol:106, ISSN:1520-6106, Pages:1036-1047

More Publications