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As part of a global effort to underpin the nature of the neutrino and dark matter, my research is focused on searching for a new type of matter called the sterile neutrino with the SoLid reactor neutrino experiment. As part of my research I also explore new analysis techniques based on machine learning for event classification and model fitting. 

I am also actively translating research into applications with the nFacet radiation detector project, a spin off of the SoLid experiment. The detector system is directed at security, radiation protection and nuclear decommissioning markets.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Collaboration S, Abreu Y, Amhis Y, et al., 2021, SoLid: A short baseline reactor neutrino experiment, Journal of Instrumentation, Vol:16, ISSN:1748-0221, Pages:1-37

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Abe K, Adam J, Aihara H, et al., 2014, Precise measurement of the neutrino mixing parameter theta(23) from muon neutrino disappearance in an off-axis beam, Physical Review Letters, Vol:112, ISSN:0031-9007

More Publications