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Dr. Antonio Elia Forte

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Bioengineering

Visiting Researcher



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B324Bessemer BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Current project: Origami and soft Metamaterials @ Harvard University


Antonio obtained his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy) and completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College in 2015. He is now a Research Associate in the Biophysics of Hearing and Neural Information Processing group, department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London. He is now carrying out a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship at Harvard University on origami and soft metamaterials.

Research Fellow – Harvard University (Oct 2018 - onward)
Research Associate – Bioeng ICL (2016 - present)
Consultant (Embody Orthopaedic) – ICL Consultants (2015)
Research Assistant – Mech Eng ICL (2015)
PhD student – Mech Eng ICL (2011-2015)
MSc in Mech Eng – Univ of Salento (2009-2011)
Master in Wireless Smart Systems – Univ of Salento (2009)
BSc in Mech Eng – Univ of Salento (2005- 2008)

Research Interests

ABR to natural speech in background noise
Neural signal processing
Fracture propagation mechanisms in soft organic tissues
Soft Matter mechanics
Design of tissue-mimicking polymers and hydrogels
FE biomechanical modelling for robotic surgery
Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL) modelling

Individual Awards and Grants

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (Global) for Harvard University - £ 244K
European Commission Seal of Excellence 2016
City and Guilds travel grant: £ 500 (2015)
IC Trust travel grant: £ 400 (2015)
IOP travel grant: £ 300 (2015)
PA grant "design of innovative music device": € 25000 (2013)
Outstanding Thesis award: € 2500 (2011)
Erasmus Placement award: € 3000 (2010)
ADISU Student awards: € 1700, € 1500, € 1800 (2006-2008)

Contributions to the writing of grant proposals:

EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship, £ 21978, awarded (2015)
EDEN 2020 (688279 ICT-24-2015) € 8 million, awarded (2015)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Tan Z, Parisi C, Di Silvio L, et al., 2017, Cryogenic 3D printing of super soft hydrogels, Scientific Reports, Vol:7, ISSN:2045-2322

Forte AE, Etard O, Reichenbach J, 2017, The human auditory brainstem response to running speech reveals a subcortical mechanism for selective attention, Elife, Vol:6, ISSN:2050-084X

Forte AE, Gentleman SM, Dini D, 2016, On the characterisation of the heterogeneous mechanical response of human brain tissue, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, Vol:16, ISSN:1617-7959, Pages:907-920

Forte AE, Galvan S, Manieri F, et al., 2016, A composite hydrogel for brain tissue phantoms, Materials and Design, Vol:112, ISSN:0264-1275, Pages:227-238

Leibinger A, Forte AE, Tan Z, et al., 2015, Soft tissue phantoms for realistic needle insertion: a comparative study, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vol:44, ISSN:1573-9686, Pages:2442-2452

Forte AE, D'Amico F, Charalambides MN, et al., 2015, Modelling and experimental characterisation of the rate dependent fracture properties of gelatine gels, Food Hydrocolloids, Vol:46, ISSN:0268-005X, Pages:180-190

More Publications