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Dr Adriana Paluszny

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Influence of fractures in the mechanical, fluid flow and thermal behaviour of subsurface rocks: Static and dynamic analysis

Fractures and faults transform earth materials. They change their mechanical and flow properties and create intricate subsurface networks that change permeability at local and regional scales. I develop next-generation simulators that simulate in great detail how large groups of fractures and faults grow and deform, and how this affects and is affected by the hydraulic and mechanical properties of the system. I am also interested in understanding how growth is affected by heterogeneities at multiple scales, how we can best capture these, and how the interplay between fluid flow, temperature and mechanics affects these interactions. I also study how we can apply these methods to influence industrial processes important to the green transition and energy security challenges we face.

- Application of first principles models to the understanding of induced seismicity, deformation of fractured media leading to permeability changes in the context of geological storage of hydrogen, geothermal energy, as well as carbon storage (CCS) and compressed air energy storage.

- Research in the field of fluid flow, fracture growth, interaction, fault modelling, and surface processes developing numerical models to simulate the deformation of rocks, the effect of fractures on flow and the effect of flow on fractures. Finite element based simulation of high-density fractured media, with thermal and poroelastic interactions.

- Undertaking research in the field of rock mechanics, developing numerical models to simulate the deformation, fracture and fragmentation of rocks, using discrete and finite element-based numerical methods. 

Highlight: "Chin-Fu Tsang Coupled Processes Award" 2018

Highlight: "Royal Society Tata University Research Fellow" (2018 – 2023)

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Lang P, Paluszny Rodriguez A, Morteza N, et al., 2018, Relationship between the orientation of maximum permeability and intermediate principal stress in fractured rocks, Water Resources Research, Vol:54, ISSN:0043-1397, Pages:8734-8755

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