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Arianna Renzini

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

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I am a PhD student currently working on the Gravitational Wave Background (GWB).

My current research is focused on gravitational wave measurement technologies, which encompass both ground- and space- based detectors; specifically, I've built a mapping algorithm which uses real and simulated data to reconstruct incoherent GWBs.

I also investigate indirect dark matter detection possibilities through gravitational lensing. In particular, I'm working with Ultra-Compact Mini Halos (UCMHs) and Pulsar Timing Arrays (PTAs).

In the past, I've worked on gravitational lensing and cosmological perturbations. Specifically, I've produced new results on gravitational lensing in the Kerr metric.

In general, I'm interested in all cosmological, from inflationary models to dark matter candidates - and I would like to give my contribution to the field by helping to constrain cosmological theories by using present and future data.