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I am a visiting researcher working on the mathematical modelling of infections disease (malaria and yellow fever), with experience in both academic research, and modelling outbreak response, using a variety of different machine learning, statistical and mechanistic techniques.

Previously I was focussed on assessing the potential impact of Anopheles stephensi establishment on malaria transmission across Africa, with a focus on Ethiopia and Sudan as part of the "Controlling emergent Anopheles stephensi in Ethiopia and Sudan (CEASE)" project. I was additionally part of the Imperial College London COVID-19 response, as well as seconded to the WHO during the emergence of COVID-19 as a global threat in early 2020.

My PhD at Imperial College London (2017-2020), and numerous research collaborations and consultations during this time was on yellow fever, across its endemic regions, but with a special focus on South America. This was proceeded by a research assistant position looking at the climate drivers of yellow fever in Africa, and data analytical support for the WHO on the Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo 2015-2016 yellow fever outbreak.

My work on yellow fever, malaria and COVID-19 has involved collaboration and consulting with several external partners such as the World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control, Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium, the Brazilian Ministry of Health, and other university organisations.



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