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Dr Becca Asquith

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Infectious Disease

Professor of Mathematical Immunology



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 I use a novel combination of experimental, mathematical and bioinformatic techniques to investigate cell-mediated immunity. My aim is to develop a predictive mathematical model of the human in vivo CD8+ T cell response in order to prevent and alleviate viral infection.


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My initial training was in theoretical physics. I have a BSc in Physics (1st class hons. University College London), an MSc in Mathematics (distinction, Imperial College London) and a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics (title: "Non Commutative Geometry", University of Durham). I then worked as a mathematical modeller for the UK government for 2 years before crossing disciplines to Mathematical Immunology. I held a Wellcome Trust Fellowship at Imperial College London and then a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship at the University of Oxford before returning to Imperial as a lecturer.

For research interests and selected publications please see my group webpage.

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• CD8+ T cell prediction software

Leishmaniasis LDA



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Mora-Bitria L, McQuibban NAR, Niederalt C, et al., 2022, Inhibitory KIRS decrease HLA class II-mediated protection in type 1 diabetes, WILEY, Pages:423-424, ISSN:2059-2302

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