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Burint started the Doctoral Programme in Strategy & Organisational Behaviour in 2020. He has a background in data science and has spent a number of years working as a consultant prior to starting his PhD.

His main research interests lie in the area of decision making under uncertainty. Burint is keen to better understand how individuals make decisions in complex and unfamiliar environments. His research plans to use data collected from decision-makers in ongoing digital transformation initiatives to uncover the underlying psychological mechanisms behind complex decision-making processes. By developing a deeper understanding of this area, Burint hopes to rationalise behaviours that seem irrational on the surface. Burint is also interested in understanding how technology can be augmented to enhance society. His work draws inspiration from multiple disciplines within Organisational Behaviour, Microeconomics and Computer Science.

Burint uses the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods and online experimental designs. He has written an API in Python to explore how individuals can be encouraged to use more receptive language online through the use of an interpretable, personalised feedback NLP algorithm as part of his first year project.

Burint holds an MRes in Business from Imperial College London, an MSc in Data Science from King's College London and a BA in Economics from Essex.