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Bart holds the Chair in Entrepreneurship at ETH Zürich, where he is a full time professor and visits Imperial College Business School to teach "corporate entrepreneurship and innovation" in its executive MBA and various open and customized executive programs. Before he took his position at ETH, he was a full Professor of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College. He is a founder of several high tech start-ups in businesses such as digital cinema, mobile internet and venture incubation.

Following his Phd studies, Bart was an advisor in technology policy at the European Commission and he still consults on innovation and technology matters for various European governments and agencies. He has over 50 publications in the field of high tech start-ups and managing growth of these companies and has been an executive teacher for several corporates such as KLM, Belgacom, Panasonic, EDF, BP, BT, Finmechanicca and Leo Pharma in corporate venturing and innovative turnaround strategies.

His on-going research interests include the study of how technology ventures choose markets in emerging technologies such as quantum dots and blockchain and how corporates adopt entrepreneurial structures and tools for corporate renewal

Bart's authored a best-selling book, The Smart Entrepreneur: How to Build for a Successful Business with Sabrina Kiefer.



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